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When making trim pieces, the steel on the coil needs to be pulled off and "slit".  Slitting the material makes long strips of steel that can, in turn, be fabricated intoactual trim pieces.The Enforcer TS is just the machine for slitting steel coil.  The Enforcer TS is used to  decoil, slit and cut to length, sheet steel.The infeed system uses three guide rollers that feed the steel into two fully rubberized 2.75 inch pinch rollers.  The pinch rollers evenly pull sheet steel from a decoiler without slip or twist.  This machine slits the material and cuts it to length with a guillotine shear, making it perfect for stacking and handling.

From the original ideas of Otto Thalmann, the man that invented the long folding machine, The Thalmann folding machines are the world's most advanced heavy-duty, hydraulic folding machines.Accuracy is key when folding steel to make trim.  On the ZR folder, clamping and bending beams are driven by separate control shafts for precise, parallel movement.  A frequency inverter on the hydraulic motor, which controls the clamping and folding beams, as well as the backguage, insures that all three axis speeds are controlled in a fluid and accurate motion.  Quick and easy crowning and radius adjustments are located on the front of each C-frame for material and trim profile changes.Usability and reliability are also key trademarks of this machine.  Easy to use controls and the curved-pressed beams make it the most highly engineered and strongest clamping and folding machines in the world to manufacture complex geometric shapes.

The Enforcer TS 16 Gauge Slitter

Thalmann ZR Series Folder

The QZ36 Double High Panel 20 Station Rollformer is one of the most popular wide coverage rollformers in the US market today.The QZ36 utilizes a worm gear drive system and 20 roll stations to form panels in a crisp and efficient manner.  The heart of the machine is built around massive 3-inch, induction hardened shafts to eliminate deflection over time.  Chromed tooling ensures long life and quick production speeds to produce panels fast and efficiently and with the utmost quality.  The high quality exit shear produces straight panel cuts without the need for time-consuming adjustments.

The XQS-16C - 16,000 lb. Decoiler with Coil Cart

The XQS-16C is different from regular decoilers in a couple of key ways.  The machine has 16-inch i-beams as the frame.  Its dimensions are 144 inches by 44 inches.  The coil cart is 34 inches wide which is wider than most coil carts, providing a much stronger base, ensuring that coils don't tip off.The coil cart works on a 1/2 inch by 2 inch track that is welded to the frame of the machine.  This track provides protection for the machines cable and wiring, unlike that of similar machines.

QZ36 Double High Panel 20 Station Rollformer

Interstate Metals employs the latest technology used in steel panel and steel trim fabrication.  Our commitment to deliver quality product to the industry professional is paramount.  Below you will find just some of our equipment we use to produce the quality product you expect.

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